New game

2015-04-25 20:52:31 by Elementalys

Been a long time since my last game, I learned a lot in a year. Yet, tie down my objective to the time I can put into a game seem to be an eluding art for me. You can check it out here:

B Reloaded GOTY Edition

2014-08-15 11:49:11 by Elementalys

Oh man, doing that little game was fun. Nothing complicated, just fun and senseless concept pushed anywhere I wanted. My favorite part was not giving as **** about what the reviews would be hahaha!

But also a lot of work but I don't mind that part. That's why I plan on making more games and I made facebook/twitter pages.


Please follow me and help promoting my games so I can make a lot more!

Looking for a writter

2014-06-30 18:34:20 by Elementalys

English being a second language to me, I had some hard time correcting text in my game. I asked a few friends if they could help me but couldn't find anyone up for it.

Sooo, I'm asking the community if someone could help me either write or rewrite text I wrote in my first game and will write in future games. Thanks!